Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lita shoes!

Hi there people,

I was away for some time, busy busy times. When I am done with my internship (which is sad also) in January, I will be publishing much more since I got more time then.

But I'm happy to announce right now, that I bought these lovely (fake) Lita boots <3. I just loooove low budget, and they are so pretty! I just have to wait now until they arrive (takes about two weeks).

I want to wear them with Christmas <3, with a lovely black dip hem dress like below in combination with a short biker jacket or something?
Source: New Look 

To add a bit of detail I would like to wear a statement necklace to go with it, maybe with some color to brighten it up a bit.

What are you wearing this Christmas?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hortifair 2012 Amsterdam

Hi fellow bloggers.

I'm sooo busy working and studying that I would almost forget to give you a new post.
Today I went to the Hortifair which is a horticultural conference held each year in Amsterdam. I went there because of my internship to do some field research to gather information for my assignment.
I went by train together with a colleague, and it took us 2 hours to arrive there. We needed to change trains on 2 stations, from which one of them was Leiden Centraal. And there is.... tum tum tum.... a Starbucks!
So we definitely needed to enjoy that wonderful opportunity. I had a white caffè mocha with whip cream.

Arriving in the conference hall was very interesting. It was huge and people from all over the world were coming. The conference was spread across four enormous halls, from which one of them was only focused on flowers.
As you can see it looked wonderful. Beautiful orchids in all kinds of colors were spread across the first few square meters.

Look at this beautiful heart formed by red roses. If my boyfriend came up to me with that I would probably faint, wake up, hug him and than needed to rent a greenhouse to put it in since my room is too small.

And in this flower hall, a special flower fashion show took place. Of course we needed to check that out. The clothing was decorated with real flowers sponsored by several organizations and was designed by a man from Israel called Shlomi Ilani.
The photos are pretty bad quality, I did not bring my Sony A200 so I had to do it with my crappy samsung smartphone camera. And the light was coming in through the large windows which made it very difficult. Oh well... just see and enjoy.

It was a productive and interesting day but my feet hurt a lot now!! High heels are definitely a burden after a day like that.

Soon I will take some pictures of my looks, but since I work 5 days a week and go to school for one day, it's hard to take pictures outside. I need to ask my boyfriend very nicely if he wants to take some pictures in the weekends. He has to do it anyway, but it's always nice to ask right? haha.

I'll keep you posted 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lovely New Look Halloween collection

I guess my Halloween outfit will be at NewLook since they have this fabulous Halloween collection. <3 Especially the tee in combination with some basic items that you can again wear some other time. I just totally got into Halloween since the new Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars came was super scary!! My fashion icon in this series is totally Aria Montgomery, who actually does the same as me; combining toughness with feminism with one statement item. 
I am curious about what you would wear at Halloween. Tell me please <3
Sources: all items are from

Aria Montgomery (character) in Pretty Little Liars

Vintage jewelry cabinet part 2

Gotta love the result <3
What do you guys think, should I pimp it up or leave it in its natural state?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vintage jewelry cabinet

So I bought this vintage jewelry cabinet online since my recent jewelry box can't take it anymore.
It even has a spinning hanging system for necklaces!! <3
I just think it looks chaotic when all my accessories are not in a box or cabinet, so a simple jewelry hanger won't do. It will probably arrive tomorrow, so when I stuffed it with my accessories, I will post some more photos.
Let me know what you think :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BOOst up your outfit with Halloween

Sources: Models - Pinterest || Nail art - || Skull shirt - Modemusthaves || Legging - Target || Skeleton jewellery - Claire's || Spider web ring - Claire's ||

Normally I am super scared of anything that comes close to Halloween. I am even scared of darkness. But when it comes to scary elements in fashion, I love it! I don't go to a Halloween party this year, but if I would, I would definitely try my best to be high fashion halloween.

Monday, October 22, 2012

WISHLIST autumn/winter 2012

Sources: High heels - CafĂ©moda || Leggings - Bershka || Tiger blazer - Zara || Fake fur vest - Modemusthaves || Susan boots - Modemusthaves || Studded clutch - Modemusthaves ||

I don't know if you guys have the same, but I am always freezing, and to wrap myself up in a fake fur vest sounds amazing! Another item that can't be missing in my closet is a fake leather legging, which is comfy but still classy. I would combine it with that fake fur vest and Susan boots from 'modemusthaves' for a comfy day or that tiger pattern blazer, high heels and studded clutch for going out. <3
Did I miss out on something? What would you want to have for autumn/winter?